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PMR Locator connects individuals suffering acute and chronic pain with pain mangement specialists in New York.

PMR assists patients in properly filling out workers compensation forms to communicating with attorneys. Millions of Americans today suffer from upper and lower back pain. Individuals suffering back pain from an accident, strain, and injury may no longer be able to perform simple daily tasks.

Often times these injuries are not initially apparent for days, sometimes weeks after an accident. Injured in an accident? Seek medical attention after an accident. Individulas that suffer from pain live in an exhausting private world of agnony. The good news is there's a way to manage and relive your pain. PMR Locator provides compassionate doctors that treat patients with dignity. Call 1-800-376-2415 to schedule an appointment with pain specialist in your community.

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The right physician will help you understand your pain and what it takes to feel better. If you are suffering a personal injury, sports injury, worker related injury or auto accident injury -- you've come to the right place.


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